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At Home & Property Inspection Services, we have over 25 years of experience providing comprehensive house inspection services in North Port, FL, and the surrounding areas, so that you can know the true condition of a property from top to bottom. A thoroughly conducted property inspection can help you stay on top of any safety issues you may encounter in the future and that only a house inspection can reveal. Before you proceed with a purchase or list your property for sale, it’s crucial that you are informed of relevant issues such as the presence of radon, lead, mold, and other wood-destroying organisms. Rest assured that our highly experienced home inspector will exhaustively check from the foundation to the roof of your property, and everything in between. Whether you need a buyer inspection or seller inspection service, don’t settle for anything less than the best, and trust Home & Property Inspection Services!

House Inspection Issues You Won’t Have to Worry About

Our home inspector will perform a full house inspection that includes everything from the external conditions and surfaces of the property, to walls, ceiling, roof, attic, crawl spaces, slabs, floors, as well as electrical systems, HVAC, and plumbing, to name a few. We guarantee an accurate and stress-free inspection that will reveal any underlying problems that might be putting your property at risk so that they can be solved as soon as possible. Additionally, we offer complementing house inspection services, including:

  • WDO – Wood Destroying Organisms
  • Thermal Imaging (Infrared)
  • Lead Testing

Ensure Your Property’s Safety and Comfort Now

Contact us today so that we can prepare your personalized house inspection service as early as possible. Bear in mind that if you waive an inspection as a buyer, most problems that arise after the purchase is complete are generally your responsibility. Avoid undesirable incidents and trust our home inspectors so that you can move into the house you envisioned. Call us at (941) 416-6032 to speak directly with a professional property inspector, or fill out our quick contact form. We look forward to working with you!
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